Renovated Abandoned School in Ofunato City!! Stay at the Former Elementary School in the Horei district!!!

Affordable and Group-Friendly!
Accommodating up to 72 people with ocean views and the Sanriku Railway!!

An elementary school that was closed due to the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami disaster has been repurposed as a Dormitory Inn! Only here can you have the true experience of Ofunato City, Iwater Prefecture.
Whatsmore, is that the school ground is available for camping!

Stay in Ofunato at an affordable price and enjoy activities unique to Sanriku! Local cuisine cooking with the locals, a Sanriku Seafood Filled BBQ, and more. Relieve your stress in the ideal Japanese countryside!

Two of the three schools in the Okirai district were damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The children huddled together in the only remaining school building within the area. In order to protect such a precious place for children, local volunteers stood up to establish the Horei Reconstruction and Exchange Promotion Center and Sanriku Active Co., Ltd. as the local company to manage the facilities. 


 Here are the prices of each room, common spaces, and rules of the building.
Please check before you make a reservation! 


Shared Rooms, but can be separated with a curtain.

4 rooms x 18 bed = Max capacity of 72 people

Fee:     2,500 yen / person
*Rates will differ during long vacations.
Fee:     3,000 yen / person
(i.e. Golden Week, Obon Holiday, New Year Holidays)

Shower Room

10 Shower Rooms
Separated by gender

Fee:     300 yen / 10 min

Open Kitchen

Pre-Home Economics Room
Cooking/Eating Utensils, General Condiments, Plates/Bowls needed for cooking are available.

Fee:     500 yen / 1 hr

Multi-Purpose Room

May be used for Dinner Party, Workshops, etc.

We have 2 tatami rooms. Please kindly reach out in advance if you would like to use the tatami rooms.

Fee:     500 yen / 1 hr


Free-Site Campsite

Tent may be freely setup within the school courtyard.

※Portable Campfire Pits must be used.

 Fee:     1,000 yen / tent

Karaoke (Music Room)

Time:     9:00 ~ 17:30
Fee:        300 yen / 1 hr

Group (10 people or more)
Time:     9:00 ~ 17:30 

Fee:       1,000 yen / 1 hr

Lodging Guests
Time:    17:30 ~ 24:00
Fee:       200 yen / 1 hr


Check In          15:00 ~ 22:00  (Campsite: no later than 17:30)
Check Out      10:00
Front Desk       8:00~10:00 / 15:00 ~ 21:00

Kindly provide payment during time of check in.

Free Services

Free Wifi is available

Luggage Storage Service (Lodging Days Only)
     ※ Charges may apply before and after lodging days

Hair Dryer is available
Parking Space (18 Cars)  
     ※ Parking space for large size vans/buses are available

Services with Cost

Laundry (Clothing) :  200 yen / usage (Detergent sold separately) 

Dryer (Clothing) :        200 yen / usage

Towels :                           200 yen / towel


Shower Facilities


Open Kitchen
・Gas Stove / Cooking Utensils / Rice Cooker / Condiments (Free) / Water Boiler / Microwave
・Shared Refridgerator 

Heating Facilities
・Air Conditioner (Dormitory Room / Shared Space) / Hearth / Kerosene Stove / Kotatsu / Electric Fan

■  Near by Hot Spring   ■
・Natsumushi no Oyukko Hot Spring  -  approx. 15 min by car

■  Near by Konbini  ■
・Lawson Okirai Branch  -  approx. 8 min by car 

Other Access Points 
・Hanamaki Airport  -  approx. 1:30 by car 
・Ichinoseki Station (Bullet Train)   -  approx. 1:45 by car
・Horei Train Station (Sanriku Railway)  -  approx. 5 min by foot

【※Cancel Policies】

1 Day Prior Cancellation:     50% of Lodging Fee
Day of Cancellation:             100% of Lodging Fee
No-Show Cancellation:       100% of Lodging Fee will be applied.

  The dormitory rooms are SHARED. Reservation of an entire room are prohibited.

Sanriku Active, Ofunato Local Cuisine Cooking Experience

A chance to make local cuisines using the seafood from Ofunato with the locals!!


Ofunato is known for their fresh and delicious seafood.
This experience is designed for those who are not used to preparing marine products and wish to learn from the locals how to handle and eat them.

Starting Time:   17:00 ~ 19:00 (approx. 2 hours)   

※ Please tell us in advance if start time should be changed

Kindly note that, picutres on this site may at times will not be up-to-date, menu will vary depending on the season. Contact us for specifics of the menu available. 

(Menu examples: Scallop Sashimi, Local Fish Sashimi, Fish Broth Soup, Scallop Cooked Rice, Nabeyaki (local sweet bread cake))

Drinks can be ordered at the front desk/venue.
(Canned beer, highballs, sours, wine, etc.)
Please pay at the front desk/venue after the meal.

Please refrain from bringing your own food/beverages when choosing this food plan.

Fee:     3,000 yen / person
Min number of people:  3

Sanriku Active Sanriku Seafood BBQ

Electric BBQ stove rental.

Food and Equipments are provided, so you can come empty-handed and enjoy yourself.

Dinner Details
Seafood Barbecue: Combination of various seafoods and vegetables *Photographs are for reference only.

Drinks can be ordered at the front desk/venue.
(Canned beer, highballs, sours, wine, etc.)
Please pay at the front desk/venue after the meal.

Fee:     3,000 yen / person
Min number of people:  3

Additional Fee:
   - Electric Stove Rental:       1,500 yen
   - Additional Ingredients:   Market Price 


Reserve your own private sauna during your stay here and relax while viewing the sea and the mountains.

Enjoy the cypress interior and heat yourself with natural fire wood and freely adjust for the best loyly.  Additionally, the aroma is pre-refined using the local tree called kuromoji for the best experience.

Water bath is currently unavailable (in the process of installment, please use water from shower for the time being)
Revitalize yourself in the great outdoors using a sauna chair.

Hours of use:

                               6:30 -   9:00** 

                            11:30 - 14:00* 

                            14:30 - 17:00*

                            18:00 - 20:30** 

*BMX activity may be in session during this time

 **Lodging Guest Only

1 Session (1 - 4 people):   5,000 yen

※ For groups more than 4 people, the fee will be +1,000 yen for each additional person. (The size of the room can comfortably seat 4 people)

Optional Fee: 

   - Rental Towels:      200 yen / towel
   - Rental Pants:         100 yen / pair
   - Coffee Brewing Activity (reservation required)
                     1 cup:        400 yen

  ※ Please wear swimming suit/rental pants in sauna ※


Sanriku Active Coffee Roasting Experience

 Learn the basics of roasting from a home roasting coffee maker! Experience first hand how raw green coffee beans change to the coffee beans we know and love!

Coffee made from freshly roasted beans is something you must try if you haven't already!

You can bring home your own original roasted coffee in the end! 


 1. Explanation of coffee beans
 2. Demonstration of roasting with tips/advice
 3. Try Roasting! (choose from two types of beans)
            ☆ Will roast approx. 100g of green coffee beans ☆

Taste and compare the coffee made from your roasted beans and beans roasted by the master!!

Fee:                  3,000 yen / person

Min Number of Participants:  2

Sanriku Active Shell Charm Making Experience

Create your own unique charm using shells and sea glass collected from Aibatake Beach, just a 12-minute walk!
Right next to the Onizawa Fishing Port!

Fee:    1,000 yen / 1 person
*Includes facility usage and material costs

Min Number of Participants: 2 

Age Requirement: 5 years and older
*Children 4 years and younger may participate with parental supervision

Please note that we will be using resin in this activity. If you have a resin allergy, we kindly ask that you refrain from participating.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sanriku Active Fishing Gear Rental

You can enjoy fishing at the nearby Onizawa Fishing Port.

Included Equipment:

   - Rod, Reel

   - Portable Bucket

   - Fish Tongs
   - Hook remover
   - Trash bag

Fee: 1,100 yen for 2 days and 1 night

Additional Rental Items:

   - Junior life jacket:   550 yen for 2 days and 1 night

   - Cooler box:    550 yen for 2 days and 1 night

Fishing Gear Sets (Prices vary):

   - Sabiki fishing setup, Sabiki bait

   - Bait fishing setup, 

   - Frozen krill (Ami-ebi)

   - Worm fishing setup

Business Partners

Joint Venture TXF

Created a BMX course in the former schoolyard, and the gymnasium is an indoor bike/skate park!!
This is the largest BMX and indoor park in all of Tohoku, large enough to hold an official BMX Competetion!

"STREET MONSTER" is a membership club team, and members receive free access to the BMX Course and Indoor Park.

Sanriku Volunteer Divers

Since the 3.11, the Sanriku coastline has been on a path to recovery. Yet, the rich marine ecosystem is now facing a critical threat due to sea desertification. 
Rising water temperatures and grazing damage are causing the kelp beds to disappear, which leads to fishes losing their habitats, and further leading to damage to the fishing industry.

We, Sanriku Volunteer Divers, conduct marine research, carrying out surveys, and developing methods for ecosystem restoration.

Rider's House Horei

A place where travel enthusiasts and motorcycle lovers can gather, share information, help build a community, and relax for a short break.

Sanriku coast is named for its rich oceans, but the mountain range is something you cannot forget! The mountain side road that takes you in and out of the woods with the ocean view just around the corner is perfect motorcycle tour route!

Kindly read this article about us!!
Written in English!!

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Sanriku Active Co., Ltd.

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Contact Us 

TEL:     0192-47-3756

MAIL:  [email protected]

Kindly be sure to provide us with your name(お名前) and email(メールアドレス) when sending comments or questions, and click send(送信する) when finished!!


〒 022-0101 


 〒 022-0101 

Iwate-ken, Ofunato-shi, Sanriku-cho,

Okirai, Horei 134-2

Business Hours 

Time:           9:00 ~ 17:30
Closed:       Tuesdays / New Year Holiday